Custom edging

FDA Approved

Stain proof

500 degree heat resistance
Custom edging

Why replace when all you have to do is resurface? LCI uses the Aurastone
Countertop Resurfacing System by Granicrete.
At the 2007 World of Concrete tradeshow, the concrete industry
recognized this breakthrough.
With over 90,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibits, Granicrete received the

LCI is a certified Aurastone installer.

Combining this awesome product with our artistic finishing abilities and
virtually any look for granite, marble, onyx or any precious stone or custom
concrete can be achieved.

The value of our Countertop Resurfacing system speaks for itself:

Our counter tops hold no bacteria and are FDA approved.
Aurastone  has received certification from the National Sanitation
Foundation (NSF) for its Aurastone  Countertop Systems. This certification
supports  installers for having these tops specified for commercial
restaurant applications.
They are 3x harder than cement.
They are completely stain resistant. You wont have to worry
about spilling wine or cool aid.
On the diamond scale of 1 to 10 the diamond ranks a 10
Marble has an average hardness rating of 6
Granite has an average hardness rating of  7
And our tops have a hardness rating of 8 out of 10 on the diamond scale.
Wondering about heat? Our tops are scorch resistant up to 500 degree's
And in most cases, scratches or damage can even be repaired.
Everything is exterior rated as well. Great for outside grill and bar areas
  • Custom edging

  • FDA Approved

  • Stain proof

  • 500 degree heat resistance
Counters, tables and bar top resurfaceing
Decorative floor overlays
Decorative concrete, an exciting alternative to traditional flooring!
Rather than ripping out the 12"x12" floor
tile, we were able to give it a new look
right over the old tile.
Saving both time and money...
Faux flagstone over a concrete patio.
Decorative patio floor finish
This was one for the books.
The goal?
Take a parquet floor on the fourteenth floor of a mid-town
Manhattan condo and make it look like concrete!!
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Faux blue buhia granite counter top and faux tile back splash.
We can fix seems  and other flaws in the
counter top