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London Custom Interiors
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Here we did a faux leather wrapped in a faux alligator-skin and decorative nails.
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We were asked to replicate a finish in a local
pizzeria. Unfortunately the color palette
wouldn't work for the space but we did take
the classic theme of plaster break-away from
brick and put it together in a way that did
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Below- before pic of an entryway for a log home.
We came up with the idea of doing a Bas Relief
woodland effect
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Plaster walls, bas relief tree mural
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London Custom Interiors


This is a faux Italian
cork finish we did
on an accent wall in
a sun room. The
photo on the right is
a close up of the
We wanted this beautiful pearl and glass
bead wall finish for behind the bed but the
wall ran all the way into the master bath
where we were doing a custom plaster
designed pulled from the tile. This fantastic
transition boarder solved the problem.
Cracked plaster, faux leather and faux wood grained finishes I
did at the new Loading Dock restaurant